Friendly Corps is a group of dedicated citizens that support the development of healthy urban places through civic engagement and sustainable infrastructure.


Build a Better Block

Build a Better Block is a citizen-driven initiative that transforms a lackluster block into a vibrant space designed for people. Look for Better Block GR spring 2013.


On Street Bike Parking – Bike Corrals

We’re working on bringing the first bike corrals to GR! Have a suggestion for where we should put them? Fill out the form within!


The Salon Meetup

The Salon is a once-monthly meetup of GR Urbanists to discuss projects and share skills.


GR’s First Bike Corral

WE GOT IT. After the jump, see GR’s shiny, new and first ever bike corral.

May Salon: Urbanist Meetup – Notes

Follow Up From Salon: Urbanist Meetup – May Sustainable Streets Task Force: Josh Leffingwell discussed how the Sustainable Streets task force has shown a lot of problems with the way …

Salon Beer

Salon: Urbanist Meetup – April

The April Salon is coming up this Thursday and we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect this month. Finding out who we are – We have …